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Formed in 2002, our firm specializes in helping families of corporate executives and small business owners build a comprehensive personal financial plan and investment strategy to achieve their life goals.

Our approach integrates your financial plan and investment needs to create a clear path for your family's finances to give you more confidence in your financial future and ensure you succeed in staying committed and on course to financial success.

Our clients value independent advice, indispensable financial plans and full service investment management to help succeed in attaining their current and future financial goals. We develop a relationship with you and your family plus collaborate with your CPA, estate planning attorney and insurance agent to form a team approach to help you:

1. Organize your personal finances
2. Set financial and investment goals
3. Design risk-appropriate and cost-efficient investment portfolios
4. Forecast, grow and conserve your retirement assets
5. Lower your investment expenses and taxes
6. Protect your personal assets and income
7. Create or update your estate planning documents

We hope to build a relationship with you and develop a financial plan that will each last a lifetime.

If you need a trusted advisor, let us help you plan and invest for your financial future while you have time to control it.

A North Carolina Registered Investment Advisor
Wakefield Financial Planning is a fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm and does not recommend commission-based investment products.

Focused On Your Needs
Contact us today for a free initial consultation and discover the benefits of working with a small, Raleigh-based, fee-only (not commission sales) firm, where personalized financial advice is delivered by an independent and experienced financial professional.  We have nothing to sell but our service.

We provide guidance you can trust. 

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