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Our Investment Management Service

Professional management of your retirement and college investments is critical to achieving your financial goals.

Our investment management service is designed to provide a roadmap to reach your goals, help lower your risk and improve the performance of your portfolio while updating you and rebalancing your portfolio each quarter.  You retain custody and control over all investment decisions.

We are established specialists in investment management who will work with you to ensure you understand the risks of your portfolio, the benefits of diversification and asset allocation, plus the true cost of investing.

Removing Emotion From Investment Actions and Inactions
Even well-educated investors make bad decisions when they let emotions and pride get in the way of smart investment actions.  We provide objective advice and follow a regular portfolio rebalancing program to implement systematic investment decisions such as locking in gains and limiting losses.

Lowering Your Investment Costs
Our firm is not affiliated with any financial services company. We do not sell products to earn commissions or meet quotas. Instead, we help you build an integrated financial and investment plan and provide low-cost product recommendations and follow-up service to make your plan a success.

Our approach can lower your overall investment costs by thousands of dollars compared to a commission-based firm.

Adhering To The Fiduciary Standard
Our firm is a Registered Investment Advisor and must adhere to the Fiduciary standard to all our clients in providing advice and making recommendations.  A financial services company is allowed to follow a lower standard, not requiring it to act in the best interest of a client.  It is required to provide investment products that are suitable to a client.

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