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Selecting a Financial Planning and Investment Manager

Our services may not fit everyone's needs, but they will put you on a path to meet your financial goals and guide you through the ups and downs.

If the following issues are important to you in your search for a financial advisor, then Wakefield Financial Planning may be the right partner to help you build a strong financial future.

Do You Need A Qualified Financial Planner?
• Have you established short and long-term financial goals?
• Are your assets and income protected with the right insurance coverage?
• Are you taking advantage of income tax savings opportunities?
• Will your retirement savings be sufficient?
• Are you in control of your cash flow?
• Are you building sufficient education savings to meet your goals?
• Is your estate plan complete and up-to-date?
• Is it the right time to refinance or purchase a new house?
• Is your small business financially sound and able to take you into retirement?

Do You Need A Qualified Investment Manager?
• Are your investments being managed to achieve your financial goals?
• Are you receiving regular portfolio reporting tied to your financial goals?
• Do you have an investment manager who can help you understand volatile financial markets?
• Do you have an investment strategy and risk assessment?
• Have you selected the right investments to optimize your portfolio’s diversification and to control its risk?
• Is your portfolio actively monitored and periodically rebalanced to maintain a target asset allocation?
• Is your investment program low-cost and tax-efficient?

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