Our Financial Planning Service

Wakefield Financial Planning offers a wide range of financial planning services that can be selected individually or bundled together at a reduced cost.

After reviewing the financial planning process with you, we will build your financial plan around the core modules you select: 

  • Financial goal creation
  • Budgeting, cash flow management and financial position review
  • Retirement scenario and income planning
  • College saving planning and investment strategies
  • Insurance and asset protection review
  • Estate plan documentation and planning
  • Mortgage refinancing analysis
  • Small business financial planning
  • Six Step Process 

Following a structured process ensures your financial plan meets your needs and solves your problems.

 Step 1   Initial Inquiry
 Step 2  Get Acquainted Meeting or Teleconference
 Step 3  Data Gathering and Initial Preparation
 Step 4 Analysis and Plan Formulation
 Step 5  Presentation of Your Financial Plan
 Step 6 Plan Implementation and Follow Up

Not Generic Financial Advice
After working with you to ensure we understand your concerns, needs and priorities, we will present you with a comprehensive financial plan including detailed written recommendations for you to implement (with as much assistance as you need) to put your family on a path to achieve your financial goals.

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